Do you seek new direction in some aspect of your life? Are you feeling stuck, not able to move forward? Are you in a career or personal transition faced with unease or doubt? Is it time to focus on your own self-care?
Why work with me? I believe with every challenge lies an opportunity waiting to unfold and I trust in the power of what is possible when an individual aligns with their authentic self. I personally know the joy of this and am passionate about helping others realize the same.
Want to learn more? Connect with me for a 30-minute exploratory conversation, by phone, online, or in person (no charge). Then if you feel called to work with me, whether it be through life synthesis coaching, Reiki, or a combination of both, the next step is to complete an intake questionnaire and schedule an initial 60 minute session. Together we will uncover what is most present for you and, dependent upon your readiness to move forward, we will agree to 1 - 4 additional coaching and/or Reiki sessions of 30 - 60 minutes each.

Services Overview


The work is designed to help you better navigate personal and professional life events by raising your awareness, developing practical strategies, and setting realistic goals that support your authentic life’s calling.


Reiki is a Japanese technique, developed in the early 1900s, for stress reduction and relaxation. In a session the client lies, fully clothed, on a treatment table and the practitioner places their hands just off the client’s body or lightly touching the body.


Knowledge is Power
— Sir Francis Bacon, English philosopher, in 'Meditationes Sacrae and Human Philosophy' (1597)