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As a board certified life coach (BCC) I help individuals navigate personal and professional life events through a process of self-discovery, finding clarity in the clutter of life, development of practical strategies, and setting realistic goals with actionable steps all in support of YOU. My approach utilizes tools such as inquiry, experiential exercises, and guided meditation, and is grounded in the BCC Code of Ethics as well as over twenty-five years experience as a human resources professional with training in the following areas:

Leyza is a true joy to work with.
Her insight and questions help bring new perspective.
I always leave our conversations refreshed, invigorated, and excited about the future. Her positive energy and light both shine bright and are contagious.
— E.J., Brunswick, ME

Psychosynthesis is the psychology of finding life's purpose, meaning, and value, developed by Roberto Assagioli dating back to 1911. This work focuses on integrating the many parts of the personality that make us each uniquely who we are, some parts are less in our consciousness and others we to readily allow to lead the way. Coaching increases awareness of this bringing you more in control of the choices you make. This is supported by strategies that lead to an ever evolving, balanced, development of the whole person, and practical application in day to day life.


Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is the work of Marshall Rosenberg, clinical psychologist, founder and director of the Center for Nonviolent Communication. NVC is based on the understanding that there are universal human needs and it is the approach to meeting these needs that varies widely among individuals. The practice of NVC supports the use of one's authentic voice in communication, leading to greater clarity, and the ability to successfully get the needs met of all involved.

The HeartMath System founded by Doc Childre is based on scientifically validated techniques for “Heart-based living". The practice supports clients by helping them:
          •   identify sources of stress that cause energy drains
          •   learn self-regulation techniques
          •   develop strategies for greater resilience

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